Army Veteran, Husband and Owner of Community Landmark

Daniel B.

Iowa Army Ammunitions Plant (IAAP) | 1962-1999 | Draftsman & Mechanical Engineer

Prior to serving in the Army, Daniel worked at the local turbine factory. Daniel then joined the Army and served in Korea. When he returned from Korea and became a civilian, his job had been held for him and he even earned a pay increase and a vacation! Following his years there, he began his career at the Iowa Ordnance Plant which soon became known as the Iowa Army Ammunitions Plant (IAAP). He worked at IAAP as a draftsman and a mechanical engineer and was a part of the rapid response team at the plant.

Daniel spoke not of just himself during his interview, but as half of a whole with his wife Joyce, whom he has been married to for 66 years. They both volunteer eight hours every Tuesday and Thursday at their local nursing home. Despite being in their 80s, Daniel and Joyce feel it is important to give back and help the elders. They plan to assist at their local nursing home for as long as they can!

Another fun fact about Daniel and Joyce is that they have a wooden bear carved from their 70-foot spruce tree. Their bear is visible from their front and side streets and stands watch by their front porch. Daniel and Joyce like to decorate the bear for all holidays and it serves as a tradition for not only them but for their entire community. Daniel and Joyce’s Bear is often featured in the local newspaper!

“Activity equals longevity… keep moving!”
–Daniel B.