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2024 CWP Calendar

Behind the calendar and other submissions

This year’s Cold War Patriots (CWP) calendar not only highlights iconic cars from 1950 to 1990, but also the hobbies and passions our members hold dear. The dedication that CWP members have for their classic cars reminds us of the commitment and patriotism that drove nuclear and uranium workers to protect our nation throughout the Cold War.

Featured Calendar Page November 2023

1955 Chevrolet Sedan

My name is Howard and this is my 1955 Chevrolet (Chevy) 2 door Sedan in Pear Yellow. This was my first car and I bought it my junior year of high school in 1961. Over the years, I have made many modifications—it has a 555-cubic inch BBC Chevy motor and 4-speed JEFFCO Transmission.

I worked at Rocky Flats in Colorado from 1990 to 2005. I worked in the MOD CENTER for five years, then transferred to Electrical Maintenance in Building 371 where I was in charge of the ventilation. I was then a DND worker during the final phases of the plant closure. When I was laid off in March of 2005, the only remaining building on the site was 371.

Featured Calendar Page December 2023

1955 Cheverolet Nomad

My name is Jeff and this is my 1955 Chevrolet Nomad. It has been in my family for 36 years and has been through a great deal during its lifetime—including a night at the Star-Lite Drive-In in Fresno, California in the late 1960's, an engine fire in 1989 and being on the road during a snowstorm in 2014—just to name a few. The exterior colors, Gypsy Red and Shoreline Beige, are original. Just imagine the history lessons this car could tell.

1957 CHEVROLET 210

Featured Calendar Page January 2024

1957 CHEVROLET 210

My name is Frank and this is my 1957 Chevrolet 210. I worked at the Nevada Test Site from 1971 to 1987 as a driller, "sandblaster" and epoxy sprayer and foreman. I acquired this 1957 Chevrolet 210 in 2010 from my aunt whose husband was also a test site worker. It had only 150,000 miles on it, and was in excellent condition! I have upgraded the motor, with a Corvette motor, and transmission and "rear end." It's been beautifully restored and is very near and dear to my heart!

Featured Calendar Page February 2024

1957 Pontiac Star Chief

My name is Clifton and this is my 1957 Pontiac Star Chief [left]. When I was in high school, I fell in love with the '57 Pontiac. Loved the styling, colors, and the power it had. And a friend who I worked with at an ESSO service station had one. I wanted one then, and through life I always had that “want” for the '57. I am now 78, retired and was able to purchase this beauty to fulfill my dream of over 50 years. It is almost all original and had a frame off restoration before I acquired it.

Featured Calendar Page March 2024

1959 Chevrolet Apache

My name is Charles and this is my 1959 Chevrolet (Chevy) Apache [right]. This truck has taken me about 19 years to put together. It is a 3/4 ton truck with the Napco four-wheel drive inline 6 that's been bored out to 4-inch pistons. It also has four barrel intake dual exhaust with cutouts under the cab. It is a very strong, running truck, but is very slow because it's geared so low.

Featured Calendar Page April 2024

1963 Ford Falcon Sprint

My name is Ken and this is my 1963 Ford Falcon Sprint. It was found behind a barn in Big Lick, NC. It took me five and a half years to finish it. All body, paintwork, and interior were done by the owner. I built a hearty 302 cubic inch engine with a C4 transmission backed with a gear vendor's overdrive. It has four-wheel 12-inch disk brakes and new power steering. The rear end was narrowed 1 1/4" on each side by the owner with the help of Dutchman custom axles so that I could run the American Wheels that I wanted. It's a blast to drive!

Featured Calendar Page May 2024

1966 Ford Mustang Fastback GT

My name is Gilbert and this is my 1966 Ford Mustang Fastback GT in Ivy Green [right]. It was the car I drove to work when I worked at Rocky Flats plant. I bought it new from Courtesy Ford Englewood, Colorado, off the showroom floor. It was featured in Mustang Monthly, December 1994, Issue I. To this day, I have the car and submit it to shows.

Featured Calendar Page June 2024

1967 Mercury Comet

My name is Jose and this is my 1967 Mercury Comet. This classic car is the other version of the Ford cars during that decade. It had a 289 Motor, but was completely redone with a new 425 HP 302 Motor installed—the original motor is now in safekeeping. It has new wheels from the ground up and all new interiors—with no vehicle damage whatsoever. However, it had sat in the sun for many decades, exposed to the sun. Additionally, when it was a new Mexico Classic car in 1967, it was driven by someone who used to transport, inspect, safeguard, and secure uranium and nuclear weapons.

Featured Calendar Page July 2024

1968 Chevelle SS 396

My name is Wayne and this is my 1968 Chevelle SS 396. This is a real SS 396, not a clone, 4-speed. It has Garnett Red exterior paint, black interior and original bucket seats. My son and I replaced the engine, transmission, and differential. I also reupholstered the interior. It has won several Best of Show awards.

When I was called-up in 1968 for active duty, I had a 1968 Chevelle, but because my family was growing, I traded it in 1975 for a family car. In 2009, I bought this Chevelle because it was like the one I traded many years ago. I really enjoy driving it and taking it to car shows.

Featured Calendar Page August 2024

1969 GMC C2500

My name is Todd and this is my 1969 GMC C2500 fleet-side pickup. This classic pickup contains a 396 big block engine, with new hoses, accessories, belts, Holley carburetor, and 3-inch straight pipes out the side. The engine is complemented via a four-speed automatic transmission, along with a rebuilt drive shaft.

Power steering, brakes and cruise control were added for extra comfort and convenience. A full towing hitch and lighting were also added. This GMC has brand new wheels, tires, brakes, front and rear bumpers, hood, tailgate, windshield, rear slider window and glass, window frames, running lights, headlight chrome work, etc. A full exterior repaint was completed in a Dodge/Jeep color (Hawaiian Blue Pearl, paint code “PBJ”). The interior was professionally refurbished via the well-known Shelby Super Cars (Tuatara sports cars)—along with many other interior upgrades.

We have owned this vehicle for over six years. It was originally purchased at a modest price to fulfill landscaping and rock hauling duties. It has now graduated to another functional level and is ready to enter car shows, cruise to the local ice cream shop, or yes, pull your toys to the lake.

Featured Calendar Page September 2024

1970 Buick GS (Stage 1)

My name is Johnny and this is my 1970 Buick GS (Stage 1) [right]. My Dad, C. P. Smith, bought this car for me new in Amarillo, Texas while both of us were employed at the Pantex Plant. We traded in a 1966 tri-power GTO which I had raced at Amarillo Dragway in the late 60s. The Stage 1 Buick GS was considered one of the fastest production cars built in 1970. With a 455 cubic inch motor pushing close to 400 horsepower, it still gets plenty of respect even with today's hotrodders. I still drive the car on special occasions, and it still remains my pride and joy!

Featured Calendar Page October 2024

1972 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia

My name is Glenn and this is my 1972 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia. I had owned an identicalcar before meeting my bride of 37 years. When we had two beautiful daughters, we sold the car to raise our family.

Recently, while looking for another type of car on Facebook, this car popped up and we bought it. I am looking forward to reliving my youth again.


Featured Calendar Page November 2024


My name is Ed and this my 1979 Plymouth Cuda. I have owned this car for 46 years and we have been through many adventures together. Over many years, I have done a complete restoration. I remember the first day I bought this car—I picked up my date and went to a concert. When I came out, my car was sitting on the ground because all the tires had been taken.

Featured Calendar Page December 2024

1990 GMC Sierra C1500

My name is Glenda and this is my 1990 GMC Sierra C1500 [left]. After my 43-year career, from 1974 to 2017, at the Nevada Test Site (now Nevada National Security Site) as a Calibration Lab and Quality Control Manager, I looked forward to restoring our family truck. I always loved Stepside trucks. So we started restoration in 2018 on this 1990 GMC Sierra, C1500, 1/2 ton truck. It has a new engine, transmission, suspension, new exterior paint, and a complete interior redo—including a digital dash, new wheels, and tires. Finally completing the restoration last year, 2023. I love the fun comments I get when driving it!

Additional Submission

1948 Jeep "Willys" CJ2A

Completely restored summer of 2016. All original except paint, seats, bikini top, new radiator, fuel pump, seats, and speedometer with original miles after restoration. Sat in garage over 60 years and is now on the road again.

Additional Submission

2000 Chevrolet Corvette

I purchased my 2000 C5 Corvette hatchback from a dealer/collector in Tampa, FL in 2013. My wife had just recovered from bacterial pneumonia, where she was incubated for several weeks. That experience got our attention, and we decided to purchase a Corvette -- the American sports car -- for future, frequent road trips. Our Corvette, "Cherry Cherie" after my wife, Cherie, and its Torch Red color, had 23,000 miles when purchased in 2013, but now has almost 123,000 miles ten years later. That's 10,000 miles per year for us; mostly road trips to North Island NAS, Coronado, CA, for stays at the Navy Lodge there once or twice a year, and back home to SW Pennsylvania, to visit with relatives and old friends in Monongahela, PA and its surroundings. "Cherry Cherie" is our "transporter" to fun! - LtCol (Ret) Joseph A. Sholtis, Jr (Driver) and Cherie Sholtis (Chauffered Passenger)

Additional Submission

1966 Mustang Coupe

My name is Kenneth and this is my 1966 Mustang Coupe, red 289, automatic.

Additional Submission

1981 Hondamatic

My name is Mike and this was a project bike I restored to make it look US Army. It's a 400 cc Hondamatic with an automatic transmission.

Additional Submission

1932 Ford 5 window Coupe

My name is Paul and this is my 32 deuce street rod.

Additional Submission

1937 Buick Special Series 40 Business Coupe

The car was first purchased on Dec 21, 1936 in Berkley, CA and owned for 37 years. It was then sold to a new owner in Portland, OR who kept it for 42 years. Two other owners held it for 7 years, I being the last, purchasing it in 2023.

* 61k original mile
* 248 CI Buick Straight Eight (never opened)
* 6v elect
* Have Original Sales slip, owner's manual
* Original paint
* Original interior
* Always garage kept and never in rain

Additional Submission

1971 Ford Ranchero

My name is Larry and this is my 71 Ford Ranchero. Purchased in 1973. My work car for 5 years. Then I started modifications, and each year I added something until it now looks like this.

Additional Submission

1979 Pontiac Trans Am

I acquired this car recently and have done a few upgrades including new seats. It's a 400-cubic inch Pontiac motor with a 4 speed manual transmission. Upgraded the carburetor and had it dyno'd to improve the performance at altitude. It's fun to drive and gets lots of thumbs up on the road.

Additional Submission


My name is Andrew and this is my 442 has owned me for 51 wonderful years. When I first saw it I said to myself, "I have got to have this car!" It is 100% stock and 100% restored. It is fully loaded with 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme optional equipment. The engine is a W-30 400 cid with dealer-installed optional tri-power and factory-wide ratio Muncie 4-speed with Hurst shifter. The engine dynoed at almost 400 horsepower. The car is one of a kind. There is no other like it in the country.

Additional Submission

1989 Ford Mustang

My name is Diane and this is my 1989 Ford Mustang and bought from the showroom floor.

Additional Submission

I968 SS 396 Chevrolet Chevelle

My name is Wayne and this is my "REAL" SS 396, not a clone, with Garnett Red paint and original bucket seats and black interior. It has won several Best-of-Show awards. My son and I replaced the engine, transmission, & differential. Also reupholstered the interior. When I was called up in 1968 for active duty, I had a 1968 Chevelle but because my family was growing in 1975 I traded it in. In 2009, I bought this one because it was like my old one, and now really enjoy taking it to car shows.

Additional Submission

1967 Chevrolet Camaro

My name is Craig and this is my restored 1967 Camaro. 502 big block chevy. 9-inch Ford rear end. Frame extenders. Disk Brakes, Tilt steering, air conditioning. Too many features to list. My pride and joy!

Additional Submission

1946 Chevrolet Coupe

My name Tom and this is my 1946 Chevrolet Custom, car has been chopped, frenched, shaved with a 350 Chevy crate motor, power glide transmission, full leather interior, digital dash, A/C, custom paint with pin stripping, and Colorado Custom wheels.

Additional Submission

1973 Volkswagen SuperBeetle

My name is Rosalie and this is my SuperBeetle. I purchased my car the summer before my senior year of high school. I drove that car to my first day of work at Sandia National Labs and the day of my retirement from the labs. She's been restored (a couple of times), and I drive it periodically.

Additional Submission

1963 Chevy Corvair Convertible

My name is Salvador and this is my 1963 Corvair Convertible with original paint.

Additional Submission

1967 Mercury Cougar

My name is Alex and this is my 67 Cougar. There were four Mercury Cougars prepared and campaigned by Bud Moore Engineering (BME) of Spartanburg, South Carolina and raced in the 1967 Trans American Sedan Championship competition held by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA). Of the four Bud Moore Cougars that year, the #16 car was for Dan Gurney, captain of Team Cougar.

The Cougars were a Lincoln-Mercury Home Office Special Order project assigned to Fran Hernandez. Race prep changed race-to-race, with this replica car built for late season preparation and powered by a period correct 289 cid engine similar to 1967 as-raced preparation. All of the BME Team Cougars were painted in Cardinal Red with Sheffield Silver top and trim. Bold graphics including large lettering on each rear flank displaying Mercury Cougar, the Team Cougar logo on each c-pillar, and an assembly of decals that varied from race to race.

Lincoln-Mercury chose not to sponsor a Trans-Am team during 1968, and NASCAR introduced its Grand Touring division for 5-liter powered "pony" cars of the time. BME converted the remaining three '67 cars to 1968 NASCAR regulations. DeWayne "Tiny" Lund was the lead driver in the #16 Cougar (Gurney's 1967 Trans-Am car) and won the 1968 GT Championship with 9 wins in 19 races. None of the four 1967 BME Trans-Am Cougars have survived. Those that are shown today are re-creations that recall the great era of highly popular Trans-Am racing in which the new Cougars were sensational racing cars, nearly champions that year, finishing 2nd in the series. The Cougar shown is a period-correct re-creation of the Dan Gurney car and has been seen see blasting around road racing tracks.

Additional Submission

1964 Impala SS

My name is Maurice and this is my 1964 Impala. Completely restored, upgraded to LS-1 motor, 4L60 transmission, disk brakes, electric windows and air condition.

Additional Submission

1970 (Classic) Chevrolet Chevelle

My name is Richard, I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis & COPD. I became depressed as I couldn't do the things I had done before. My home health nurse told my wife to find a hobby for me. My wife started looking for an older car as she remembered me loving them when we dated in to 60s. She found this 70 Chevelle SS, 454. She bought it in 2019, had the garage air conditioned & I began working on it as I felt like it. We had someone else put the headers on it and a new transmission, as I could no longer do the big jobs. We had a guy tune the engine up after I finished everything else. My wife helped with covering the seats & replacing the foam in them. It took me 3 years to finally get it finished. She calls it my therapy car.

Additional Submission

1965 Chevrolet Impala SS

My name is Glenn and the is my Impala. Frame off rebuild, new motor, transmision, glass and full interior restoration.

Additional Submission

1986 Ford F150 XLT

In 1986, Robert Donald "Donnie" Reed bought this truck from Red McCombs Ford in San Antonio, Texas. SSG. Robert Donald Reed served gallantly in the 101st Airborne "Screaming Eagles" during the Vietnam War. His military service included his passion of repairing and working on vehicles and engines of all makes and sizes. After his military service, Donnie owned and operated D&P Automotive on FM 1283 in Pipe Creek, Texas, until his retirement in 2005.

This 1986 F-150 Styleside Supercab Pickup Truck with a 5.0L 302 CID EFI V-8 Engine was assembled two days ahead of schedule on January 11, 1986 in Kansas City, KS. It was originally equipped with Regatta blue cloth captain's chairs, a tachometer package, a digital clock, a sliding rear window, P235/75R15XL white sidewall Radial tires, a trailer tow package, a speed control/tilt steering wheel, air conditioner, AM/FM/cassette stereo radio, an added light group package, Argent styled steel wheels, a chrome rear step bumper, the XLT Lariat trim package, power door locks and windows, an added protection group package, and an added convenience group package. The truck was truly a beauty to behold. It also featured a rare option of the Victoria two-tone paint, simultaneously using the paint codes: Dark Shadow Blue Metallic Ford #6048-A and Colonial White Ford #6210-A.

When Robert passed away on May 4, 2017, his grandson, Zachary C. Grizzard, inherited the truck and has actively worked to preserve and maintain it. The truck is now shown in various car shows and cruise-ins, in memory of Robert Reed and for the nostalgic enjoyment of the public.