Problems With The Program?


The Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA) can feel complicated and difficult to navigate. The Cold War Patriot (CWP) website provides many links to pages that explain and answer questions that people frequently ask. It also includes contact phone numbers and email addresses for many resources, including the CWP Help Center.

Following are some of the questions that people ask most often:

  1. My initial claim for benefits was denied. What should I do? Find an Advocate
  2. I am struggling with the claim filing process. Find an Advocate
  3. I was denied in adding a covered condition. Find an Advocate
  4. I was denied in adding a consequential condition. Find an Advocate
  5. I have serious issues with how the EEOICPA program is administered. Ombudsman

If you would like help for any of these topics, call the CWP Help Center at (888) 903-8989.