Maximizing Benefits


There are many reasons why a nuclear weapons or uranium worker like you should consider the value of the benefits under the EEOICPA and RECA programs:

  1. Why Apply? – Better than traditional insurance coverage – There are no deductibles or caps in medical coverage, and it’s free to you.
  2. Impairment Rating – Under Part E of the program you can be awarded $2,500 per percentage point of whole body impairment caused by your qualifying illnesses.
  3. Adding Illnesses – Iif you are able to add additional illnesses then these new diagnoses will be used in the calculation of a new impairment rating, and medical care will be included for the new conditions.
  4. Medical Screening Programs – Free medical screenings are available for workers and contractors under the programs.

Contact the CWP Help Center for further information at (888) 903-8989.