2021 Official Cold War Patriots

National Day
of Remembrance™


Every October, the Official Cold War Patriots National Day of Remembrance (NDR) honors the men and women working in the U.S. nuclear weapon and uranium industries and recognizes those who are no longer with us. Often working in secrecy, these patriots have been instrumental in the protection of our nation — from WWII to today.

The Cold War Patriots (CWP) community is grateful for the efforts of Janine Anderson, a former nuclear weapons worker, who led the effort to create the first National Day of Remembrance for Nuclear Weapons Program Workers. Our community was saddened by Janine’s passing in 2009, but we remain deeply grateful for her dedication to creating a day that recognizes this group of dedicated workers. The U.S. Senate first passed a resolution to create an NDR in October 2009. Every year since then, CWP has worked to successfully pass the NDR resolution.

2021 marks the 13th anniversary of the Cold War Patriots National Day of Remembrance…and we invite all nuclear weapons and uranium industry workers and their family members to help us recognize our living legends and remember the fallen heroes. 

We want to keep our Cold War Patriots, their family, and loved ones safe, so the 13th Official Cold War Patriots National Day of Remembrance will be a virtual ceremony on October 29th that you can watch from the comfort of your home. We will end the commemorative event with a memorial candle lighting ceremony and the sharing of the names of those no longer with us.

Register to Watch the Virtual Ceremony on October 29th 

To watch the virtual ceremony on October 29th you will need to register. You will then receive an email with instructions on how to watch the ceremony. You will need internet access to watch the ceremony on your smartphone, computer, or digital device. You can watch the ceremony at any time on October 29th. The ceremony will be available to watch through November 5th.


If you have any questions, please call 866.337.3561 or email [email protected].


As a Special Thank You

This year, as a special means of recognition to all of those who protected our nation, we will be offering a commemorative Cold War Patriots leather coaster set. This custom leather coaster set recognizes the living legends and fallen heroes whose extraordinary work will never be forgotten. To receive your leather coaster set in the mail, please register for the National Day of Remembrance event.

* Offer available to nuclear weapons and uranium workers.