September 13, 2022

Benefits Review | Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant, Fernald, Mound & GE Workers

Springboro, OH

*This event is for all nuclear weapons and uranium workers. Please join us if you have a U.S. DOL white medical benefits card, pending claim, denied claim, or have never applied.*

Tuesday, September 13th
Sycamore Creek Country Club
Meeting Room
8300 Country Club Lane
Springboro, OH

Join us anytime between 10 AM – 4 PM to sit down with an EEOICP Expert.

Stop by anytime to sit down with an Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program (EEOICP) expert to discuss your U.S. Department of Labor white medical card benefits.

If you have received your U.S. DOL white medical benefits card or have a pending claim, we can help you:

  • File a consequential claim and add conditions
  • Understand your in-home care options
  • Schedule an evaluation with an Impairment doctor
  • Introduce you to an Advocate
  • Get in touch with the U.S. DOL Resource Center
  • Navigate next steps for denied or pending claims
  • Learn about medical expense reimbursement
  • How impairment evaluation can get you more monetary compensation
  • Learn what to do if you are approved/pending for some claims but denied for others

If you have never applied for your U.S. DOL white medical benefits card or have a denied claim, we can help you:

  • Learn if you qualify for up to $400,000 in monetary compensation
  • How to receive free healthcare and in-home health care
  • What benefits are included and how to apply
  • Introduce you to an Advocate, Impairment Doctor, and the U.S. DOL Resource Center
  • How to reopen denied claims

A representative from Energy Employees Advocates (EEA) will be present to assist with your claims. EEA are experts at handling denied or complex claims.

Enjoy light refreshments. Safety measures will be followed. The format of the event is subject to change. Attendees may be asked to wear a mask depending on venue requirements or local regulations.

Benefits Review

Event Date
September 13, 2022

Event Venue
Sycamore Creek Country Club
8300 Country Club Ln
Springboro, OH 45066