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UK Proposal for Cold War Veteran Medal

May 18, 2011

May 18, 2011

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The UK paper published an article about reasons to support a campaign medal for Cold War Veterans. Click here to see the original article, or read below:

Courage should be recognized – Nick Griffin explains why we support the campaign for a Cold War Service Medal

Wed, 18/05/2011 – 12:00 | News Team

They could be thrown into a real shooting war at a moment’s notice! It’s hard for youngsters now to visualise, but from 1945 right through to the start of the nineties, hundreds of thousands of British lads spent years as young soldiers facing down a real and potentially deadly Communist threat from the Soviet Bloc and Red China.

Unofficial United States Cold War medal Major conflicts such as Malaya and Korea saw large numbers of National Service conscripts fighting for their lives, their mates and their country. Even those whose time in the forces passed peacefully had to train for full-scale war against massively superior Soviet forces, and to live with the strain of knowing that if the balloon went up they stood very little chance of survival.

Huge numbers of regulars also at present have no recognition for years of training, patience and nerve-jangling false alarms, especially those who served with the British Army on the Rhine, or provided air cover for it.

A veteran from that time told me recently that: “Although we now knew it never happened, at the time it seemed all too likely. I myself recall being trained for what would have amounted to a suicidal airborne assault on Soviet positions behind the iron curtain in gas masks and full Nuclear Biological and Chemical gear.

“We were of course ready to go if ordered and as far as we were concerned, it was a case of ‘when’ rather than ‘if’.”

There is now an active campaign to secure recognition for Britain’s unsung Cold War veterans, including by the issuing of a medal for all who served during the Cold War, which would be issued to hundreds of thousands of British men. This wouldn’t just honour their role, it would also give new impetus to Remembrance Parades and bring home to the younger generation the bravery of their fathers and granddads, and the danger that Communism once posed to our way of life.

You can find out more about this very worthy campaign at

Finally, if you need any more persuading, note that Gordon Brown when PM was solidly against the issuing of any medal for those who served while opposing the Communist threat in Europe. Many in the Labour Party of the time, of course, were Communist fellow travellers or even full-blown Soviet spies, and today the entire British political elite has bought in to many of their anti-British tactics, including encouraging mass immigration and the undermining of family life and traditional Christian values.

Which is why the campaigners for a Cold War Veterans’ medal face an uphill struggle and another reason we should all support them.

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