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Battelle Deploys Decon System for Reusing N95 Masks

April 16, 2020

April 16, 2020

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Battelle Memorial Institute was founded in 1923 with an endowment from the estate of Gordon Battelle. Located in Columbus, Ohio, the institute’s mission is to develop practical applications for scientific research. Battelle was officially incorporated in 1925 and began its laboratory operations for the first time in 1929. The first laboratory was located next to the campus of The Ohio State University.

Scientists at Battelle were involved in a number of different research projects in the 1930s, with many of their efforts focusing on the iron and steel industries. The institute’s contributions increased dramatically during World War II. Battelle became best known for its nuclear research because of its role in the Manhattan Project during the war, the program to build the first atomic bomb.

Today, Battelle Memorial Institute has an important role in many types of research, from commercial to military applications. The laboratory’s headquarters are still located in Columbus, but there are major laboratories in Richland, Washington, and Geneva, Switzerland, and numerous smaller facilities in approximately one hundred other locations. In addition, Battelle has partnered with the University of Tennessee to run Oak Ridge National Laboratory. (This information was provided from the Ohio History Connection.)

Currently the Battelle is helping fight the Covid-19 Pandemic by deploying a decontamination system for reusing N95 masks. Read the full article here.