Honoring Our Everyday Patriots

2021 Calendar

Behind the 2021 Calendar

The theme of this year’s Cold War Patriots (CWP) calendar, is one of our personal favorites! We started our search for “Everyday Patriots” who displayed a high level or commitment and dedication to their community at our 2019 CWP Official National Day of Remembrance event in October. During this time and in the months following, we received many wonderful submissions which we narrowed down to the 14 that you see highlighted in our calendar.

While all 14 of these “Everyday Patriots” have given back to their community in so many different ways and each have their own unique stories, they all have one thing in common. All of our “Everyday Patriots” are nuclear weapons or uranium workers- just like YOU!

We created this calendar with you in mind and hope that you enjoy reading the stories about your fellow nuclear weapons and uranium workers throughout the year.


To find out about the winners, click on the individuals squares below.

Carl H.
NOV 2020
Dana B.
DEC 2020
Carolyn W.
JAN 2021
John A.
FEB 2021
Daniel B.
MAR 2021
Don D.
APR 2021
Larry W.
MAY 2021
Bob R.
JUNE 2021
Lloyd S.
AUG 2021
Bobby C.
SEP 2021
Linda P.
OCT 2021
Johnny T.
NOV 2021
Charlotte Gail H.
DEC 2021