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PCM Gains Media Attention

April 5, 2019

April 5, 2019

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Professional Case Management, the founder of the community resource and advocacy membership organization, Cold War Patriots, and the first and largest provider of home health care services to nuclear defense and uranium workers, has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. DOL to prevent the implementation of changes to rules governing EEOICP, scheduled to take effect April 9.

In the pursuit of justice, Professional Case Management and Cold War Patriots have garnered traction with media coverage, sharing the stories of the hard-working men and women who built our nuclear defense. Click on the links below to read the full story.

Please share your opposition and email U.S. DOL Secretary Acosta by clicking here.

Albuquerque Journal
“…Nurses take all your vitals and with the doctor come up with your plan, and send to the Department of Labor for approval,” James Jaramillo said. “Now, they want the patients to fill out a lot of the paperwork and submit it themselves, and not let medical people get involved with that….”

Fox 31 Denver/KDVR
“…Janet Cook worked in the lab at Rocky Flats for 17 years and is now dealing with a laundry list of health problems. ‘I see doctors two, three times a week, most the time. That’s my job now, going to the doctor,’ Cook said. ‘There’s like 62 diseases that I have. It’s unreal’…”

KFDA-TV/CBS News Channel 10 in Amarillo
“…The people we serve deserve better than that. They are often in need of immediate medical care and, sadly, some could die waiting for the new pre-authorization process to run its course,” said Austin. “For them, healthcare delayed is truly healthcare denied.”

Portsmouth Daily Times
“…Kevin Fitzgerald, of Cold War Patriots, told the crowd gathered at the Welcome Center in Portsmouth that proposed rule changes could negatively impact the workers when trying to obtain benefits due them. He said the rule changes will require all workers to undergo a 36 step process, in which health care professionals are not permitted to help, creating a 60 day delay in benefits…”