Youth Advocate and Community Award Winner

Bob R.

Rocky Flats Plant | 1964-1994 | Associate Research Scientist, Experimental Nuclear Physicist

Cold War Patriots is delighted to introduce you to our June 2021 Everyday Patriot, Bob R.!

While working at Rocky Flats for 30 years in nuclear criticality safety, Bob received several prestigious honors and awards. These included the Rockwell International “Engineer of the World” Award in 1980 and a Good Citizenship Award from Rocky Flats in 1985, which was presented to him by the mayor of Denver, Colorado.

Bob, and his wife, Judy, have been foster parents to 75 children. For 20 years, Bob led an outdoor wilderness expedition group called the “Colorado Experience” for foreign exchange students sponsored by the international organization, “Youth for Understanding.”

Bob’s “Colorado Experience” provided these students an opportunity to participate in hiking, camping, river rafting, and mountain climbing throughout the state of Colorado.

The typical “Colorado Experience” lasted 18 days. Through this program led by Bob and his volunteers, over 500 teenagers engaged in life-changing experiences on expeditions in the Colorado wilderness.

Bob and Judy still live in their home in Colorado where he continues to fabricate model railroad components that generate his imaginary empire. Bob’s lifelong passion for helping youth continues.

“Do not let your mind sag and stay mentally alert.”
–Bob R.