Grandmother, Volunteer and Community Advocate

Carolyn W.

Pantex | 1982-2007 | Secretary

To kick off the new year our January 2021 Everyday Patriot is Carolyn W.

Cold War Patriots Everyday PatriotCarolyn hails from Amarillo Texas. Carolyn has 2 daughters, 6 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren!

Carolyn is an Everyday Patriot as she began working at the Pantex Site in January of 1982. Carolyn subsequently retired from Pantex in 2007, a mere 25 years later!

Carolyn feels blessed to have had the career she had at Pantex. Carolyn loved both the people and the work!

Carolyn W. calendar page
Everyday Patriot Carolyn W. is featured in January 2021 in the CWP Calendar.

Carolyn began her career at the Pantex Plant as a Department Secretary, advancing to Division Secretary roles in five different divisions. For the last 6 years of her career, she was the Division Secretary for the Security Division. Carolyn loved Pantex. It was different and very challenging work every day. Carolyn says it takes a cohesive team to succeed at projects and that is what she always had!

Hobbies and include cards, dominoes, line dancing, traveling, and volunteering. Carolyn says she is blessed to have many good friends and her precious fur baby, Oreo!

Carolyn joined the Amarillo Senior Center Association (ASCA), soon after her retirement from Pantex.


Carolyn has volunteered at the following places since her retirement in 2007, 13 years ago:

  • The Faith City Mission – serving food and doing clean-up
  • Hospice Care of the Southwest
  • The Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo – which she loved! She greeted incoming patients and transported them to their hospital destinations!
  • Ushering at both the Globe New Center and the Civic Center
  • The Hope Choice Pregnancy Center in Amarillo.
    • Here they offer support, guidance, and education to young pregnant girls. Carolyn has been volunteering here for 2 years and she absolutely loves it. Carolyn says she has found her volunteer home and will continue to serve here for as long as she is able!

Carolyn attends the Central Church of Christ. Carolyn volunteers because she has been blessed in her life beyond what words can describe. Carolyn believes those who have blessings need to give back to those less fortunate. She believes in ‘Paying it Forward’, and lives by the adage: “The real joy comes from the giving, not from the getting!”

Carolyn’s personal advice to her Cold War Patriot brothers and sisters:

  • Stay busy and stay active!
  • Make a positive difference in the lives of others!
  • Get involved and stay involved!
“Get involved and stay active! Even if you can’t give back to your community, check out your local senior center. It will keep you active, involved, and mentally sharp.”
–Carolyn W.