Community and Youth Advocate

Dana B.

GE-Evendale • Mound • Fernald | 1974-2006 | Lab Tech & Waste Engineer

We are pleased to introduce you to Dana B. He is our Cold War Patriots, December 2020 Everyday Patriot.

Cold War Patriots Everyday Patriot Dana worked at three Department of Energy (DOE) sites during his 30+ year career. For two years he worked at GE as a Lab Tech processing radioactive materials. He then spent 15 ½ years at Mound as a Lab Tech. Dana ended his career doing clean-up for 13 ½ years with Westinghouse/Fluor at the Fernald Site.

One of Dana’s earliest jobs, as a Lab Tech at GE, opened his eyes to shift work. While in this position Dana worked all three shifts! This job lasted two years and then he was laid off. After being laid off he got his chauffer’s license and drove a school bus for eight months while looking for his next job. Dana loved driving the school bus but fortunately was rehired at Mound by the DOE. While he has wonderful memories of all his jobs and co-workers, he especially loved the Van Pool, Christmas Parties, and the good folks he spent time with at Mound.

Later, in 1999 Dana was working at the Fernald Plant and he was offered a course that resulted in a CDLA license. After retirement from his DOE jobs, Dana put his CDLA license to use and became a delivery driver at the Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries. Dana worked for Goodwill Industries for another 13 years and loved supporting his community and the folks he was able to help through his work.

Dana B.
Everyday Patriot Dana B. is featured in December 2020 in the CWP Calendar.

After retiring from the Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries, Dana began working as a school bus driver. Dana is still working today as an employee of Mason City Schools. Dana is a mask-wearing school bus driver, with both a morning and an afternoon route five days a week. Dana said, “I try to instill in our young people to be all they can be and to do it well.”

While the pandemic has put Dana’s community involvement on hold, he continues to drive his school bus, even while recovering from recent prostate cancer surgery.

Dana states that his hobbies are antique cars and trucks, as well as rock & roll and blues concerts. His last concert was just before the COVID-19 epidemic shut everything down. The concert was “The Prince Experience”, a Milwaukee-based Prince tribute band. He loved it!

Dana says he has been blessed to have had a lifetime of such great places to work with so many wonderful co-workers and opportunities, and would like to leave his fellow Cold War Patriots with these closing words, “Be active, do what you like to do!”

“I try to instill in our young people to be all they can be
and to do it well.”
–Dana B.