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DOE – HSS Honors National Day of Remembrance

October 1, 2009

October 1, 2009

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The Office of Health, Safety and Security (HSS) in the Department of Energy (DOE) supports and recognizes the important contribution of workers during the Cold War Era.  Aptly put, the office is “Honoring the Past and Looking to the Future.”  See the National Day of Remembrance graphic and proclamation below.

Friends and colleagues:

On May 22, the United States Senate unanimously approved S. RES. 151, designating October 30, 2009, as a National Day of Remembrance for nuclear weapons program workers and uranium miners, millers and haulers. This act of Congress affords us all the opportunity to recognize and honor the men and women who tirelessly served our country by building and maintaining our nuclear forces during World War II through the Cold War and continuing today.

Our workers helped bring victory in World War II and supported the deterrent that brought us safely through the Cold War. Their dedicated service continues to protect the United States and our allies today.

In honor of our workforce, the Department of Energy headquarters will commemorate this day with various activities, focusing upon the theme “Honoring the Past and Looking to the Future.” The Secretary and I also encourage each of the DOE sites and laboratories within the DOE complex that support our country’s nuclear weapons program to this mark special day with their own events.

As you make plans to host events and activities, DOE headquarters would like to acknowledge your event and provide assistance as necessary. Please contact Regina Cano ([email protected]) or Pat Worthington ([email protected]) to share your plans and help answer your questions.

We thank all of you in advance for your efforts to celebrate this important day.


Daniel Poneman
Deputy Secretary