March 16, 2023

March 16 | Doc Talk, New Mexico

Nuclear Weapons & Uranium Workers

Cold War Patriots presents “Doc Talk” hosted by Dr. Lakatosh.

If you have received your U.S. DOL White Medical Benefits Card or have a pending claim, please join our in-person Doc Talk.

Did you know you could be eligible for an additional $250,000 in compensation? Receiving periodic Impairment Evaluations is a benefit you have earned.

Join us for lunch to hear directly from Dr. Soo Hoo, an Impairment Doctor from PCM Impairments about your health and the additional benefits you have earned through your U.S. Department of Labor White Medical Benefits Card.

Thursday, March 16th, 11 am–1 pm
Hilton Santa Fe Buffalo Thunder
Vista A & B Rooms
20 Buffalo Thunder Trail
Santa Fe, NM

  • Lunch Provided
  • Raffle Drawings

Al Frowiss Jr. from AtomicWorkers® will be present to answer any questions about the U.S. DOL claims process.

Let us know if you’re joining! Please RSVP to the Outreach Help Center at 866.654.3498 by March 13th. Forgot to RSVP? No problem, still join us!

This event is sponsored by Professional Case Management and PCM Impairments.

In-Person Doc Talk

Event Date
March 16, 2023

Event Venue
Hilton Santa Fe Buffalo Thunder – Vista B Room
20 Buffalo Thunder Trail
Santa Fe, NM 87506