Collector, Community Advocate and History Buff

Lloyd S.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory | 1959-1999 | Component Assembler & Division Safety Office

Cold War Patriots is delighted to introduce you to our August 2021 Everyday Patriot, Lloyd S.!

Now in his mid-80s, Lloyd worked for Department of Energy (DOE) contractors for 40 years. He specifically worked at K-25 (in every single building in the complex), Y-12 and X-10 at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). His favorite thing about working at the DOE Sites was the wonderful people he had the opportunity to work with and to get to know!

Lloyd lives in Oak Ridge with his wife of over 61 years, Betty. He is a huge history lover and is heavily involved in the Oak Ridge History Museum. Lloyd has one of the largest collections of memorabilia from the Manhattan Project and has had over 50 people donate to his collection. He has a passion for Oak Ridge and enjoys sharing stories about the “Secret City’s” past.

In addition to being an Oak Ridge history buff, Lloyd is involved in many other community organizations including the Elks Lodge, Faith Masonic Lodge #756, Anderson County Historical Society, the Secret City Festival, Cold War Patriots, Boy Scouts of America (where he has volunteered for 52 years), the Methodist Church, Scottish Rite and local T-ball and cheerleading teams.

“Stay active! If you stay active,
you never have time to grow old!”
–Lloyd S.