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National Day of Remembrance to honor former SRS workers

November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012

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For the fourth consecutive year, Congress has enacted a Day of Remembrance set aside to recognize the hundreds of thousands of workers who have served to build America’s nuclear defense and its security stronghold from World War II through the Cold War.

The congressional designation of Oct. 30 as the fourth annual National Day of Remembrance clearly demonstrates the respect and admiration of our country’s leaders for America’s nuclear weapons program workers.

For this community, this annual occasion is intended to specifically honor the best and brightest pioneers, present-day achievers and future leaders of the Savannah River Site for their legacy of patriotism and contributions in protecting our country.

For six decades, SRS has served as a major cornerstone of America’s national defense infrastructure.

In the early years, DuPont weapons workers came to Savannah River Plant day after day, toiling long hours in secrecy to develop and deploy new nuclear technologies at scales not previously demonstrated by mankind. Their unequalled investments, extreme personal sacrifices and creation of untold innovations helped end World War II and win the Cold War.

It was the dedicated service, bold contributions and pioneering efforts of these SRP patriots that went on to establish the United States as a leader in science, technology and engineering and the Savannah River Site as a model of national commitment.

Today, the men and women of the Savannah River Site continue in that tradition of excellence and service by putting nuclear knowledge to work to fulfill ongoing missions of national importance while also paving the way for Enterprise SRS, the vision for acquiring new missions and creating a sustainable future for the site.

The success of the site’s future is reliant on its past performance and proud heritage founded on innovation, nuclear materials knowledge and one-of-a-kind capabilities and infrastructure.

As the legacy of service of past, present and future nuclear weapons workers is celebrated across the United States today, undeniable gratitude is also bestowed to the many families from this area who made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of patriotism to give up homes and farms in 1950 to make way for the Savannah River Plant.

Since the first National Day of Remembrance in 2009, SRS has sought to recognize and memorialize the contributions of SRS nuclear weapons workers annually each October.

Tributes include celebrations and programs for both current SRS employees and retirees and placement of a special commemorative marker at SRS on prominent display to employees and visitors.

Most recently, SRS participated in legacy projects sponsored by the Cold War Patriots organization, a nonprofit organization serving as an advocacy group for nuclear weapons program workers

On this historic 2012 National Day of Remembrance, the Department of Energy renews with the community and nation to honor the sacrifice, service and patriotism of the esteemed Cold War patriots of the Savannah River Site.