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NIOSH Board Teleconference Meeting 10/16/19

October 14, 2019

October 14, 2019

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Industry News

The Advisory Board on Radiation and Worker Health will hold a meeting via teleconference in preparation for the in-person meeting in December.

The meeting starts at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time.  To listen to the meeting call 1-866-659-0537 then enter the passcode, 9933701 when prompted.

The agenda is as follows:

  • Roll-call – Mr. Katz, Designated Federal Official
  • Welcome – POTUS Chair Designee
  • Recording August 2019 meeting Absentee Votes – Mr. Katz
  • Special Exposure Cohort (SEC) Petition Status Up – LaVon Rutherford, DCAS
  • Updates from Work Group and Subcommittees (as necessary) – WG/SC Chairs
  • Plans for December 2019 Board Meeting – All Members

Cold War Patriots will provide a summary of this meeting.