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October 30th will be 7th National Day of Remembrance

October 7, 2015

October 7, 2015

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Through Cold War Patriots’ advocacy, the Senate has again designated October 30, 2015, as a National Day of Remembrance for nuclear weapons and uranium workers. This year we will commemorate the 7th National Day of Remembrance (NDR) since its inception by Cold War Patriots (CWP) in 2009.

Since World War II, hundreds of thousands of men and women have served the United States by building nuclear weapons for the defense of the country. Many of these workers have paid a high price for their service, developing disabling or fatal illnesses. In honor of those who served, CWP and other former workers’ organizations are hosting NDR events across the country.

In addition, we have also produced a Remembrance Quilt with over 1,250 hand-written quilt squares. The Quilt will be on exhibit at the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas for the months of October and November. To learn more about the Remembrance Quilt, click here.

We thank you for your service to our country. Along with the Senate we encourage all citizens to support and participate in this year’s events and ceremonies to commemorate both past and present workers in America’s nuclear weapons program.