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Newsletter Edition 43-44 Volume 12

September 21, 2021

September 21, 2021

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New in 2021: there are now two Cold War Patriots Newsletters! We created two newsletters to help our Cold War Patriots Members receive information most vital to them based on their U.S. DOL white medical benefits card status.

Newsletter Edition 43: for those with a U.S. DOL white medical benefits card or a pending claim
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  • Updates & News
  • ACHC Accreditation
  • National Day of Remembrance
  • Your Everyday Patriots
  • Regional Director Spotlight
  • Outreach Specialist Spotlight
  • PCM Clients and the Pandemic
  • PCM Impairments, Dr. SooHoo Q&A

Newsletter Edition: 44: for those with a denied claim or who have never applied for the U.S. DOL white medical benefits card
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