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Enjoying Life, After 24 Years of Service

March 15, 2021

March 15, 2021

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”Don’t be afraid to seek out the information you need”, is the message former Sandia National Labs worker, James, and his wife, Terry, want to share with fellow nuclear weapons complex workers. James began working in Albuquerque at Sandia National Labs in July of 1992. He retired in August 2016, after working there for 24 years. James was an electrician for the first 14 years, then became the Financial Secretary for the Metal Trades Council Union and did a variety of other work for unions during the last 10 years of his employment. In 2012, after a Special Exposure Cohort (SEC) passed, James received his U.S. DOL white medical benefits card.

One day James and Terry were watching TV and saw a Professional Case Management (PCM) commercial talking about the U.S. DOL white medical benefits cad and thought, “maybe we should call them?” Soon after, they met with Mollie Mouton, Senior Director of Clinical Operations at Professional Case Management. “Mollie came to our home and immediately she helped in so many ways. We had the white card for years but were unable to find doctors who took it,” shared Terry. They now have doctors who accept his U.S. DOL white medical benefits card.

James and Terry celebrated their 44th marriage anniversary in February and in July they will celebrate Terry being James’ relative personal care attendant (RPCA) for two years. To become her husband’s caregiver, Terry attended an RCPA training in Santa Fe at the PCM office and says she truly enjoyed the orientation, training, and the people she met and trained with. When asked what motivated her to become an RPCA, Terry shared, “James requires a great deal of care and support, he has trouble with both his hands and feet, and I have always been there for him. By becoming a RPCA I can be both trained and paid to provide his needed assistance. We have a large home and a yard, so I have had to get creative in ways to keep James busy and active, yet safe and comfortable.” Terry and James purchased a special 3-wheeled bicycle with pedal assist so they can ride and stay active outdoors. They also now have a riding lawn mower so James can still tend to the yard.

While Terry did work in the medical field prior to retirement, an RPCA does not need medical experience to care for their loved one. As an RPCA with PCM, Terry has a team of Case Managers and other Registered Nurses who provide them guidance and support. Terry and James said “our Case Manager, Kristy, and the other nurses who we have worked with us are on top of everything! They are always teaching me tricks and tips and sharing knowledge so I can help James control his illnesses. We know that PCM is there whenever we need them. We feel PCM is extremely supportive and always available!”

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Terry and James were actively attending Cold War Patriots and Professional Case Management events as well as the Relay for Life Cancer Walks, sponsored by Professional Case Management. Terry and James actively promote the medical white card at retiree breakfasts which they also regularly attend. Terry and James final bit of advice? “Go to CWP meetings, reach out, ask! Call PCM, they will help you in so many ways!”

 Cold War Patriots and Professional Case Management are proud and honored to share this story of James and Terry.