Community and Youth Advocate

Dana B.

GE-Evendale • Mound • Fernald | 1974-2006 | Lab Tech & Waste Engineer

During his career of over 30 years, Dana worked at three different DOE facilities, with the majority of his work being at Mound and the Fernald Site in Ohio. He retired from the Fernald Site after working as a waste engineer for 13 and a half years. He speaks highly of his long career and told us that he felt like he was really accomplishing something important while working at each of the facilities.

Now that Dana has retired, he enjoys working various jobs in his community, including being a delivery driver for Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries for 13 years. While at Mound, Dana was both a van pool rider and a driver and this was his inspiration to be a driver following his retirement from the DOE. Even with COVID-19, Dana is currently a ‘mask-wearing’ school bus driver for Mason City Schools. He has both a morning and an afternoon route five days a week. Dana said, “I try to instill in our young people to be all they can be and to do it well.”